Phlebotomy-the treatment by blood letting

Phlebotomy-the treatment by blood letting

The act of bloodletting has existed for centuries for the treatment of various diseases is the withdrawal of blood from a patient to cure or prevent illness and disease. In ancient china for instance Bloodletting was based on and a system of medicine in which blood and other bodily fluid were regarded as that had to remain in proper balance to maintain health. This was done using the system of acupuncture.

Bloodletting therefore involved a concerted effort aimed at helping an individual. Maintain the required amount of blood in the body. In the traditional Africa, some communities believed that excess blood in the body led to a lot of excitement and so the blood needed to be removed from time to time.

The process of menstruation in women was seen as one of the models of the principle of bleeding to health as postulated by certain ancient schools of thought. Socrates in his view gave credence to the principles of surgical bloodletting.

It is worth noting that certain cultures even reserved the specific days of the month for the practice of bloodletting considered to relieve people of the effects of bad and humorous effects from the body. Some instances where animals like leeches were used were very common though.

In the 20th century, the use of bloodletting as a treatment technique was questioned and this led to what is now phlebotomy or breathing veins. It was discovered that veins were more filled with blood and so easier to relieve of the blood. It was even believed that the removal of blood to induce fainting was good for the body.

Despite all the evidences, phlebotomy establishes that bloodletting is not effective in the treatment of so many diseases. It is thus worth noting that phlebotomy believes bloodletting can expose the patient to disease attacks by weakening his defense making it easy for disease attacks. It is thus used in the current world in the treatment of very few ailments.

Diseases like hemochromatosis, a hereditary disease has seen the popularity of bloodletting to be reaffirmed in the current medical practice where it is rather life saving.

Cause of the high rise in audiology practioners

Cause of the high rise in audiology practioners

One of the rapidly growing practices is audiology. The rising need for audiologists has been the driving force in the push for training more qualified audiologists .there is a growing concern also that the high number of people who have the hearing and speech disability. This rise makes the role of the audiologists is clearly cut out because they assist the patient. The roles of the audiologists in most countries involve;

Dealing with children-these are usually termed as paedriatic  cases, children born with hearing disability need to be cared for early enough to remedy this early in life. The work of determining the scope of disability is primarily the work of the paedriatic audiologist. They also help in recommending the right hearing aids to be used by the young ones.

Adult hearing disability issues-hearing disability in adult hood can be the most challenging thing. The work of audiologist is to carry out proper assessment of the adult to ensure the proper treatment and rehabilitation of the said adults.

Research-the audiologists are continuously involved in a lot of research on the best ways that they need to use in the care and treatment of their patients. Research is so essential in keeping a breast with new development in new equipment in the field of audiology.

Communication and technology-this has helped make the audiologist be able to reach the intended patients. Technology has lessened the screening and diagnostic process in audiology by making the proce4sds become quick.

Development of clinical sciences-The interest in audiology has also been spurred by the expansion in the field of clinical sciences. The diversity in this field can be seen in the manner in which there has been a rise in several branches of clinical science concerning themselves with audiology. These include paedriatic, tinnitus specialists, and auditory rehabilitation experts. It has led to the rise of new breed of hearing screeners making the work of audiology more interesting and appealing to the yet to train individuals.

The rising interest in the field of audiology can be a positive sign in helping the health sector cope with the challenges of healthcare where hearing is concerned.

What are the advantages of being a chiropractor?

What are the advantages of being a chiropractor?

The rise of the practice of chiropractics is found to have attracted a lot of interest partly because of the benefits it has to the practitioners. The several beneficial effects have made most people to join the practice in the recent past. These benefits include the following;

The chiropractic practice has been found to have immense financial benefits because despite the treatments, the practitioners sp[end little on equipments  and other supplies used during treatment. The earnings in chiropractics is found to be higher than the other practices of medicine. most renown chiropractors are said to be earning better pay in this practice .the financial considerations are thus one of the considerations worth taking into account when joining the practice.

The chiropractic in general is humane, it gives the opportunity to connect and empathize with the human suffering .this way, chiropractors derive a lot of satisfaction from helping fellow humans achieve the best levels of healing. It is worth the effort if you help someone heal from the diseases like arthritis. The doctor has enough time to socialize with the patients and in the process create very good social fabric.

Because the practice has not been fully embraced in several countries, most of the practitioners are privately practicing and the level of independence is such fantastic. It is worth noting that chiropractors are such an independent lot, the doctor decides where to set up the clinic and when to go about the clinic work.

The chiropractic practice gives humanity an alternative treatment regime different from the known .this has also been the most selling points because it has in most occasions taken care of very complex medical cases.

The human spirit is always thankful to those who have helped them. This makes the chiropractors to be very highly regarded in the society. The practice earns respect from the patients and this brings a sense of satisfaction on the part of the practitioner.

All these and many more gives the chiropractics the impetus it has recently attracted both within the mainstream medical circles and the several governments which have been falling over heals to embrace the practice within the medical circles.

The benefits of an acupuncturist

The benefits of an acupuncturist

As a branch of medicine, acupuncture has been associated with several diverse benefits. These benefits are in most cases spread across to cover the people who are engaged in the practice unlike the practice itself.

The overall benefits the acupuncturists have included the following;

By exploring the said methods the acupuncturists are able to provide drug-free pain relief. This is an essential element in medicine. The drugs in most circumstances are counterproductive to the body especially the addictive effects and cases of abuse by the patients.

As seen, the use of acupuncture is able to give an effective treatment to a wide range of acute and chronic ailments. These ailments in most cases are hard to treat and give the patients a lot of sleepless nights. The ability to treat several ailments with a single therapy is economical and time saving to the patient and the practitioners.

Because of the nature of its application, acupuncturists target and treat the underlying cause of disease and illness as well as the symptoms. This fact alone is able to rid and help in the prevention of disease. By helping treat the diseases, the acupuncturists are important in restoration of health.

Following the above, acupuncturists assists in the prevention against disease and illness as well as the maintenance of general well-being an important ingredient in a country and the global health objectives as a whole.

The application of the western and the acupuncture treatment methods, it provides a holistic approach to the treatment of disease and illness, linking body, mind and emotions. This in turn is an important element in both emotional and physical balance of an individual.

The benefits of the acupuncturists are thus recognized by the world health organization as an important element in achieving sustainable global health. As such, the role the acupuncturist in the health sector is something beyond debate.

It is no wonder that the acupuncturist arte more recognized ion the health sector. The acupuncturist could have achieved this level because of the period it has taken. The future of acupuncturist seems bright with the increase of more affluent members of the society who prefer this method of treatment.



Radiations in radiography

Radiations in radiography

The use of the radiations in the area of radiography has been widely spread in the area of radiography. There are several types of radiations used in this area and most of them are used in specific areas. The most widely used radiations include:

Electromagnetic radiation-this is the most fundamental y used type of radiation whose use is so widespread. The use of the electromagnetic radiation is based on the photons which are usually known to travel in straight lines. The photons use radiant energy .The rate of travel of the electromagnetic waves is based on the concept that the wavers can travel through a vacuum and can travel at the speed of light.

The electromagnetic wave is usually known to use both magnetic and electric fields which are made to oscillate at a perpendicular angle to each other in the direction toward s which the energy travels.

The energy emitted by the electromagnetic radiation is known as the radiant energy. This is based on the concept of both angular momentum and momentum. These areas make the radiation enables and it to interact with the target. The electromagnetic spectrum helps the electromagnetic wave to be able to decrease the wavelength. This thus helps the waves to divide the waves into the radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation and rays.

The gamma radiation –this is also called the gamma rays, it is a form of electromagnetic radiation which is considered to be of high radiation and therefore regarded to use their high energy in the cause of the radiation. The difference is that these are regarded as ionizing radiations and therefore regarded as very hazardous.

The gamma rays are said to be able to be able to interact with the cosmic rays. And these are the examples of the lightening and other known terrestrial; gamma rays flashes. Their wavelengths make them have very high energy.

The invention of the gamma rays could not have come at a better time. It is however regarded as the most high energy .despite this use of this type of rays has been highly discouraged because of its high energy levels.

How feasible is radio therapy on patients according to age?

How feasible is radio therapy on patients according to age?

The effects of radio therapy on patients of certain ages has been of concern in the recent pasts given the fact that the procedure is always an intrusive process which interferes directly with the cells and so the patients with suppressed cell functions like those in advanced age bracket were thought not to respond effectively to the effects of the radiotherapy procedures.

According to the French multi center analysis and other several studies that have really shed enough light on the age and the administration of the radio therapy. Though different methodologies are always used in the studies, the results have always come out to be affirmative.

Several studies have been conducted to ascertain the effects of radio therapy where persons with cancer and falling within certain age brackets are exposed to certain doses of radio therapy .the study conducted in over five institutions was conducted between 2003 to 2012 in which the persons  who had been identified and came for treatment were sampled. In this study people of divers ages were sampled but majority we of advanced age.,

Several factors were considered when classifying the patients, for instance, they were graded in the order of curative intent, palliative being the most prominent factors under considerations. Several pints of dosages were given to the patients and the radiations were kept in their most mild forms.

The results show that the patients responded to the radiations positively and the patients were found to have certain levels of survival rates. In this sample, a certain percentage were found to succumb to the effects of the cancer and died. It was later found out that the age is not an impediment to radiation therapy and that even old or young people respond to cancer treatment.

Radio therapy is therefore found to be safe in any age group and therefore is to be administered in all ages. Radio therapy just targets the cancer cells and enables the patient recover much better if all the scheduled appointments with the therapists and this are good news to all the aged persons with cancer.


Can psychiatrists be trusted?

Can psychiatrists be trusted?

The case of trust is a complex affair depending on where one is, the importance of the word can be so important in any professional practice because it determines the level of the ethical issues one can expect.

While most of the psychiatric practices arte carried overboard with most patients under the care of the care givers within the homes, hospitals and the correctional facilities majority of the psychiatrist are mostly operating overboard.

Despite these, some of the psychiatrists have encountered cases of professional misconducts and misdemeanors arising from the use of drugs and handling of the patients and their family members. These cases have raised a lot of professional temperatures can have in some cases brought a lot of debate. Some of the issues arising include;

      Allowing a patient with suicidal behaviors to be lost without any follow up, in some cases such patients die

      Neglecting to document the clinical basis for ordering a change in the level of patient supervision or level of care for a patient with suicidal behaviors

      Not responding at all to family members who call with concerns about a patient with suicidal behaviors because of lack of an authorization from the patient to release treatment information to the family member.

      Failing to evaluate the safety of the environment for a patient with suicidal behaviors for instance accessibility of firearms and other weapons

      Failing to warn a third party when a dangerous patient has identified the party as a potential victim, as allowed or required by law

      Thinking that the other clinician in a collaborative treatment relationship will know what patient information is important to discuss with you and when to call without ever having had an agreement or discussion about these expectations with the other clinician

      Prescribing lithium without conducting regular tests on lithium and electrolyte levels and performing other relevant monitoring/testing

      Prescribing psychotropic medications without going through the informed consent processes especially when prescribing off-label for children.

      Failing to document what medications have been ordered, the basis for prescribing the medications, and changes to medications.

The above ethical questions have in the past and now made the psychiatrist practice have a bad name. But in general, the psychiatrist is a trustworthy, competent individual worth the trust.


How to Choose the Right Back Pain Chiropractor

Chiropractors are option social insurance experts who have gotten to be all the more broadly acknowledged into the standard. These experts work with the body’s arrangement so as to treat numerous distinctive wellbeing ailments. A few samples of cures that they offer incorporate back ache help, cerebral pain assuagement, clearing of asthma, ear infections, colic and a lack of ability to concentrate consistently issue.

These specialists are a bit not quite the same as your normal MD in that they take a more comprehensive methodology. Any Back pain chiropractor accepts that numerous ills stem from a misalignment in the spinal segment. Their reasoning is that one’s sensory system is antagonistically influenced by skeletal misalignment which thusly may transform into sickness and ache.

Certain identity sorts are attracted to specific callings and for good reason. Fitness plays a key and additionally demeanor. Here are a few characteristics to search for in an extraordinary chiropractor:

- Intelligence: The more intelligent, the better, obviously. With a specific end goal to be an incredible forethought supplier, these experts must complete thorough preparing and training. Before entering school to turn into a DC, which remains for Doctor of Chiropractic, a hopeful must have finished numerous undergrad instructional classes in science and math based studies. A few illustrations incorporate human life structures, physiology, and science. The higher their GPA in undergrad concentrates on, the more probable they are to be conceded into Chiropractic College.

- Intuitive: No therapeutic fields are accurate sciences. So as to have great analytic capacities, one must have a solid base of authentic learning alongside solid instinct.

- Good audience: An extraordinary DC is one that listens to his or her patients. It is imperative to hear about the entire individual, not simply take a gander at x-beams to settle on a choice.

- Good with their hands: This is an active occupation. Solid and fit hands will have the capacity to move, feel, and handle issue territories with consideration.

- Sensitivity: A great DC must be touchy to his or her tolerant’s necessities and sentiments. An enthusiastic bulldozer won’t be equipped for having a delicate bedside way.

- Strong: Many chiropractic moves oblige a lot of physical quality. This is not work for a physically powerless individual. It additionally obliges a decent measure of time used remaining on one’s feet.

- Outside the crate scholar: This is an option field of solution. So as to be a dynamic expert, one must be interested in new thoughts and data. Medicinal conclusions and thoughts change all the time as exploration always gives new data. To be a dynamic healer, one must think and look fresh.



Tips for Giving a good Sports Massage

With the right center for massaging, back rub is a solid and extravagant treat for tending to everything from sore muscles to stretch to minor wounds. Here are 10 extraordinary tips to take full advantage of your next (or maybe first) knead. Back rub is likewise incredible for youngsters, especially on the off chance that they play sports.

There are such a variety of styles and approaches to go about this Sports Massage , there truly is something for everybody, whether its profound tissue back rub to iron out activity wrinkles or an unwinding Swedish session to mitigate your fatigued nerves.

1. Be on time!

You truly do need to arrive before the actual arranged time to your back rub, particularly in case you’re a novice or in case you’re working with another masseuse. You need to be totally agreeable with the surroundings, and in case you’re surging in from errands or work, you’re deceiving yourself out of a more advantageous experience. Plan to touch base around 20 minutes early so you have room schedule-wise to drink some water, flip through a magazine, and get settled.

2. Don’t be timid.

On the off chance that you need more weight or less, or on the off chance that you’d like the masseuse to concentrate on a particular zone, talk up. There isn’t a “right” or “wrong” approach to get a back rub, in essence. A decent masseuse will need to address your specific concerns, so talk up! In the event that you feel disappointed with your back rub experience (maybe the masseuse has a certain style that is great yet isn’t perfect), don’t hesitate to either talk up or proceed onward.

3. Talkative Patty?

A large number of us have had that back rub encounter that feels more like a help session than a muscle treatment. Once more, don’t be bashful. We’re taught to be obliging, however recall that a back rub is actually a treatment, so don’t hesitate to demand getting precisely what you need, including quiet. You won’t offend anyone on the off chance that you impart your inclination in a reasonable and charming way.


Why post trauma care?

Why post trauma care?

With the current global turmoil and uncertainties, there has never been a better need for post traumatic care as it is now. Because of the prevalence of conflicts and other criminal acts. Many people are traumatized and are always in need of the psychiatric help to be able to overcome the effects of these experiences.

The stress disorders are caused by people being exposed to some level of violent acts like sexual assault, warfare and other forms of injury arising from being hit. These experiences expose the individual to the possibility of death and the reality which in most cases very scary.

Despite the debate. It is discovered that the susceptibility to the post traumatic stress disorder is genetic; certain families are more likely to experience it than the others because of the link.

The trauma effects have the following symptoms;

      Through recurring flashbacks of the events and these flashbacks usually come in the form of fear and as such remind the person of what happened. The individual may as a result scream or take cover which can be subconsciously thereby exposing the individual to a lot of risk.

      The cases of trying to avoid the memory of that event by trying to even commit suicide or if it was asexual assault, the abortion of the pregnancy if any.

      Hyper arousal –it is a feeling of either giving a fight or fleeing among people who are threatened in one way or the other. This is common in sexual assault; this may continue for more than a month after the happening and may be very disturbing. The urge to be ready for any attack is so strong and it is in most cases a hormonal effect. The fight or flight response is caused by the rise in the estrogen levels.

The cases of post traumatic stress disorder is more prominent in women than it is in men, most men do not progress to that stage and children have the fastest recovery rates compared to both groups of adults.

The use of other things like drugs may make the trauma recovery more difficult; one must avoid the risks and follow the appointments with the psychiatrists.